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Git Primer

What is git? Git is an application for distributed version control. It’s version control because it lets you deftly create and manage versions of your files, and it’s distributed because there is no server. What is a git repository? A git repository is a collection of files that git is…
July 5, 2012

A Simple Overview of Responsive Web Design

Many clients ask about creating a mobile version of their new website or website redesign. In the past, this process often involved creating two versions of the site and then using some "sniffer" code to redirect mobile users to the mobile-specific version. More recently, though, there has been a movement…
May 29, 2012
WordPress local install guide Instructions

WordPress Local Install Instructions

This is a rough guide, since I don’t have a specific project to test it on. When we get there, I’d like to test it out myself to improve this document. That said... 1)  Download and Install MAMP/XAMPP There are XAMPP downloads for both Mac and Windows, although I’ve never…
April 28, 2012

What makes a great logo design?

What started off as a grand thesis, though apathy and time constraints, became a nice little list of concepts and standards to evaluate a the quality, caliber and effectiveness of a logo design. Logo Design Considerations Visual Balance Make and break the grid A Hook Optical illusion, Visual trick Graphic…
Todd Dumas
September 30, 2011
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Attaching .docx files via PHP

Interesting bug today: A client's web form takes file uploads and forwards them as email attachments. Script works great for .doc files, but .docx files end up as mysterious attachments with filenames like ATT00010.txt, whose content starts with this: application/vnd.openxmlformats-officedocument.wordprocessingml.document; name="filename.docx" Content-Disposition: attachment; filename="filename.docx" Content-Transfer-Encoding: base64 This "header" is followed…
June 21, 2011
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IE9 Disappearing Content Bug

After installing Internet Explorer 9, I began cross-browser testing the DesignDivine sites.  IE9 destroyed the layouts of at least a half of our websites with no discernible or obvious patterns.  Large content areas were missing from new and old sites alike.  Each of these sites was compatible with IE6, IE7,…
Todd Dumas
May 22, 2011
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One WordPress Install, Multiple Sites

One of our clients wanted two sites—two URLs, two designs, two sets of content—on a single Wordpress install. They wanted to be able to log into a single admin area to manage both sites, and to be able to make posts of certain categories show up on both sites, while…
December 15, 2010
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PHP-MSSQL on Linux: Easier Than You’ve Heard

We've integrated in-house Microsoft SQL Server databases with public PHP web sites a number of times, now. Until today, this meant dealing with Windows VPSes for even modest sites, simply because we were unable to find a Windows shared hosting plan which permitted access to remote databases, and all the…
October 25, 2010

What Photography has Taught Me About Design

I started my graphic and web design career by way of photography. I shot for my own clients, worked as a studio coordinator for photographers I respected, and assisted on as many gigs as possible, everything from small editorial shoots to national advertising campaigns. Here are the three most important…
August 18, 2010