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DD9 Announces Strategic Partnership

Boulder, CO — Jan 2, 2018 — DD9 today announced a partnership with Land + Sea Co. a Denver-based digital branding firm.  Over the last six years, Land + Sea has developed stand-out messaging and positioning plans for small to medium-sized organizations.  “We have been consistently impressed with Land + Sea’s approach, insight and…
January 2, 2018

DD9 Purchases Studio

Home sweet home. In January, we learned that our studio space in 'NoBo' (North Boulder) was going up for sale. The studio had been a perfect fit for DD9 since we relocated in 2011 - right location, right size, right vibe. Loosing it would have been a major setback. On…
Todd Dumas
February 27, 2016
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DD9: Redesign Launch

Since our inception over 10 years ago, our website has evolved through several rounds of revisions, and we're thrilled to welcome you to the latest and greatest. That's right: we've taken a dose of our own web design medicine and are pleased to announce the launch of our newly redesigned…
September 29, 2014

My First Logo Design Commission

In 2000, while in my senior year of college, I somehow managed to secure my first paid commission. This is probably standard fare for graphic design students, but I was an Electrical Engineering major, and the concept was truly novel. You mean people would pay for something I was doing…
Todd Dumas
May 11, 2012

New Graphic Illustrator Hired

DesignDivine is excited to welcome Hilary Clarcq as the newest member of its growing and diverse design team. Hilary is being brought on board as a graphic and web specialist to boost productivity and aid in such projects as website creation, content management, print design, and custom illustration. We welcome…
Todd Dumas
January 5, 2011
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New Website Design Contracts

We just signed a contract to implement the redesigns of & for the well-established recruiting and staffing company based here in Boulder, Colorado. In addition, we will be designing a new product line website ( for Front Range Precast Concrete, another Boulder-based company with 50 year old footprint…
Todd Dumas
March 28, 2010

A New Decade Of Design

It will be interesting to see how design, particularly website design, evolves over the next ten years. Couple of hopes/requests/wishlist items: Get CMS systems to play nicely with custom databases & custom applications Figure out way of unifying user login/accounts across multiple website applications Clean URLs system for customs sites…
Todd Dumas
January 4, 2010

Website Redesigns – As far as the eye can see

We have booked quite a few new website projects for the month of May. Starting off, we will be redesigning the website for Allen Scientific Glass, a Boulder-based, family-owned, scientific glass blowing business. Current ASG Website Also, we will be working with Malowany Associates to redesign the website for the…
Todd Dumas
May 1, 2009

DesignDivine V5 Build-Out

DesignDivine Development Screenshot (Dreamweaver CS4) Work continues on the DDV5 website build out. Until you really dig into a project like this, its hard to get a true sense of the scope. DDV5 combines a wide set of web technologies (you can see a screenshot of our workspace above). This…
Todd Dumas
December 11, 2008