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In early 2019, we finished a website redesign for TRACOM, a long-standing company that provides learning materials for teaching Social Intelligence and increasing productivity.

A Flexible, Row-based Design

TRACOM’s website content was fairly extensive and varied. So, instead of creating a fixed number of rigid templates, we designed the new site around a group of flexible and reusable “row types.” The client can build each page from the WordPress Dashboard by assembling the flexible rows into the configuration that best suits the content. They can also make certain design choices for each row, which are intentionally restricted within brand standards.

A Child Theme for eCommerce

As part of the redesign, we also updated TRACOM’s online store, which involved moving the store to a separate subdomain. We created a new child theme derived from the main site in order to maintain visual continuity between the two sites without bulking up either one with unnecessary code.