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Living Flow came to us through our partners at Crow and Raven needing help with an all-too-common challenge: How does a brand stand out in the digital app marketplace?

Founded on the teachings of Frederick P. Lenz, Living Flow is an organization focused on deepening people’s understanding of everyday Buddhism. While developing an app in the mindfulness space, they asked for help translating their core values into a stand-out visual identity.

Brand-building, from scratch.

DD9 began our identity development process with a discovery consultation, where we agreed on our client’s core values, primary audience, and key messages. The Living Flow team needed to set themselves apart from standard mindfulness apps, establish themselves as trustworthy, and communicate relevancy through their visual identity. Their ideal user would be familiar with meditation or mindfulness apps, but feel a need to dive deeper into daily Buddhist practice.

Our solution, entitled the “Thousand-petaled techno-lotus,” by a member of the Living Flow team, blended a common Buddhist icon with sharp, modern lines and bright colors. We’re excited to see how the Crow and Raven team evolve the brand and take the app to market.