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RE/MAX of Boulder welcomes new residents with a Relocation Guide, which is given to new home-buyers after agents make a sale. The existing PDF version of this guide was difficult to keep up-to-date, and the format wasn’t great to interact with, especially on a mobile devices. To remedy these shortcomings, we worked with RE/MAX of Boulder to create a WordPress-powered, online version of the guide.


An Interactive Guide

With the user interface, some of the primary goals were to maintain the feel of a guide and make the content and categories easy to interact with. We used jQuery Mobile and AJAX to craft page transitions that are reminiscent of flipping through a physical publication, but also reduce load times. In addition, large buttons provide clear and limited navigation choices at each intersection.


Showcasing Boulder

Large photographs, bite-sized statistics, and newsworthy pullquotes help to create an “at-a-glance” impression of life in Boulder, which is reinforced with opportunities to explore deeper.

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