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We recently launched 13 microsites for Precision, our long-time client based in Gunbarrel, as part of an extensive, WordPress-driven website redesign and WordPress-powered multi-site system. Redesigned Homepage by DesignDivine

Original Homepage

The newly designed multi-sites are user-friendly for visitors as well as the Precision staff, who are able to maintain all 13 sites from a master WordPress dashboard. Posts, categories, and location information are linked through sophisticated relational databases, enabling the Precision team to easily broadcast data between a master site and its children.

The new multi-site WordPress dashboard

In addition, the new system maximizes SEO performance in targeted locations via a series of unique WordPress shortcodes and global custom fields, which dynamically manage search terms and recurring content.

Redesigned Category Page

The new micro-site system replaces the old, static sites, which had to be managed individually. With the redesign, the Precision staff can now easily manage content, including a global coupon system which generates coupon images from dynamically loaded data.

Redesigned Coupon Management