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Testing with Drupal 6.1

By May 28, 2009January 24th, 20243 Comments

We received another inquiry this week regarding Drupal website maintenance — that was enough to get us motivated to learn the basics of the CMS system. We installed Drupal on our new testing site:, and we will be experimenting with the application over the next couple weeks. Feel free to take a look, but don’t be surprised if the whole site is down . . . hopefully we don’t bring the internet down with us.


  • John says:

    Good to hear you are picking up Drupal! I took a look at it and it seems user friendly enough! I will drop you an email regarding this.

  • Tanisha Bradford says:

    I haven’t heard much about Drupal. Is it difficult to work with if you are the client wanting to update your website yourself? That is what I am looking for.

  • Sydney Tucker says:

    Drupal is a good deal from what I hear!