What's included

  • Common redesign goals

    Frequently, our clients seek redesigns with the intention to

    • put the clients team in full control and full ownership of their website,
    • including a self hosted database of products
    • modernize the client's digital presence to more accurately represent the company,
    • unify the brand identity and visual presentation across electronic media.

    DD9 will work with you to polish the company identity. With the branding established, we can then design, develop, launch and maintain V2.0 of your website. This new generation site will be an expandable, modern, SEO-focused, user-friendly incarnation of your current internet presence.

  • Content Management System (CMS)

    If you would like to be able to easily edit content on a give page, we enable CMS editing on that page. Please note that ALL pages will are inherently editable by any trained webmaster. However, the modern CMS system can be used by a non-trained webmaster, and will have strict style locks in place. This can help to prevent long-term graphic degradation caused by full client management control.

  • Will the site be tested for usability at various connection speeds?

    Site speed on V2.0 is unlikely to be an issue, but we have multiple avenues for reducing load time. Techniques include source file optimizing/gzipping, selective/tiered loading, data caching, server optimizations, etc.

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