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In fall of 2015, DD9 worked with RE/MAX of Boulder to create ‘The Vault‘, a WordPress-powered web app that serves as an internal marketplace for their ‘pre-listed’ properties and buyers. The application provides an easy interface for agents to create property and buyer profiles, and our custom matchmaker algorithm dynamically identifies and notifies agents about potential matches.



After logging in, the User Dashboard provides quick access to the key features of the site, such as multi-query search and the most recent listings.



Targeted Search

Search results update on-the-fly (AJAX) and are presented in a skim-able table view.

Single Property View

Each listing contains detailed information, photos, a map view, and agent contact info. In addition, agents can view listings that are a match for the current post.


Custom Admin

We customized the standard WordPress interface to give agents a streamlined experience between the front-end and back-end areas of the site.