Open Source Web Developer (LAMP, Rails) – Contract to Hire

May. 1st 2015


DD9, a Boulder-based graphic and web design firm, is seeking a back-end web developer with cross-over JavaScript skillset. Our bread-and-butter projects consist of high-level, sophisticated WordPress design + builds, often taking more than 200hrs each. We also develop custom web applications and we have a portfolio of sites on Ruby on Rails & LAMP/Kohana platforms. These projects often take more than 500hrs a piece. Your primary responsibility will be to support front-end team on these projects with work in PHP, SQL, Ruby, and Javascript. We are considering Junior+ level applicants for this position, but you need to be a true-blooded programmer.


Developer must be proficient with:

  • LAMP
  • WordPress (custom scripting experience within WP environment)
  • JavaScript/jQuery/Ajax

Ideally, developer would have experience with:

  • Ruby on Rails

Skills and experience we could use:

  • Magento
  • Design chops
  • iOS development
Additional Requirements
  • Developer MUST be in the Front Range and available for occasional on-site meetings and work session.
Bonus Points
  • CS or related degree strongly preferred
  • Trial projects available immediately
  • Quickly ramp up to 15-25hrs/week
  • Some work will need to be completed in the DD9 Boulder office, and most may be completed remotely.
  • Full-time employment offer in ~6 months if all goes well
To apply

Please send resume and code samples to info [at] dd9.
Samples of your work may include:

  • GitHub repo
  • Code snippets
  • Full project archive
  • Reference sites with a description of your contribution


Junior Designer (Graphic & Web) – Contract to Hire

May 1st, 2015

DD9 is seeking a Junior-level web designer with design/UX/UI focus to assist lead designers and developer in website design, website implementation and site maintenance/content updates.

Web designer’s primary role will be to design and implement WordPress websites from scratch. Additional responsibilities depending on programming skill set and graphic design skill set.

Job Specifications
  • Very strong design portfolio
  • MUST be in the Boulder/Denver area. Most of the work will need to be completed in our Boulder studio, and some may be completed from your home.
  • Designer MUST have implemented 2-3 WordPress sites with CUSTOM, FROM-SCRATCH themes (design from stock templates via WP dashboard does not count)
  • Basic HTML, PHP, JS, CSS experience required
To apply

Please send links to three (3) sites along, description of your contributions and with a resume to info at dd9 dot com.


Benefits & Compensation
  • Contract to hire