LegalStaffingGroup – Database Integration Complete

We just completed the integration of the front-end website with their back-office eEmpACT database.  As with many integration projects, the biggest challenges involve configuring the database and hosting servers to communicate with each other.  Once the connection can be established, it is a relatively straightforward task to perform basic … more

PHP-MSSQL on Linux: Easier Than You’ve Heard

We’ve integrated in-house Microsoft SQL Server databases with public PHP web sites a number of times, now. Until today, this meant dealing with Windows VPSes for even modest sites, simply because we were unable to find a Windows shared hosting plan which permitted access to remote databases, and all the … more – Redesign Launch

Working with Malowany Associates, we just deployed V2.0, an comprehensive, expansive website redesign for the Boulder-based tech training and consulting company, Technical Consultants Inc. The redesign is a huge upgrade from their 2004 site, and includes more than 80 content pages, a large product database, interactive quizzes, video demos … more

LiveAnswerColorado – Website Launch

We just launched the new a new website,, to promote the answering service packages offered by parent company, Office Evolution.  The site features an original logo design and custom layout which conforms to the OE graphic standards. LAC is built on the WP3 platform and employs many of the … more

Radish Systems – Site Launch

We just launched, a custom, WP3 website for the Boulder-based iPhone app developers.  In addition to the standard site features (brochure-style pages, integrated blog), we developed a custom e-commerce system that fully integrates with their back-end application digital delivery system. Store to be activated on formal product launch.

BolderStaffing – Redesign Launch

We just deployed the new websites for (BSI) and sister company website (BP2). Both sites are driven via a single WordPress install, and leverage some of the WP3 custom post type functionality. In addition, we developed a custom a jobs module which fetches information from their back-office, industry-specific, … more

What Photography has Taught Me About Design

I started my graphic and web design career by way of photography. I shot for my own clients, worked as a studio coordinator for photographers I respected, and assisted on as many gigs as possible, everything from small editorial shoots to national advertising campaigns. Here are the three most important … more

Humanistic Capitalism – Site Launch

We just deployed for a Colorado-based, start-up, for-profit organization with the goals of redefining the way we view capitalism, corporate culture and profit. To keep within budget, we selected an appropriate template and customized it with original graphics and content.  The site is built on the WordPress 3.0 CMS.

Flxx Rainwater – Site Launch

We just launched, a new product line website for Front Range Precast Concrete.  The site showcases all of the rainwater harvesting systems and equipment now offered by FRPC. We designed the site in Adobe Illustrator, built out the site in Adobe Dreamweaver and transferred control to FRPC for in-house  … more

Fall Frenzy – Redesign Launch

We just launched V3.0, a completely overhauled site for their Colorado triathlon event. For this project, we happened to be redesigning our own site from 2006.  While the visual appearance of the old site was still acceptable, the maintenance of the table-based design was becoming more taxing each year. … more

Critical Systems Testing – Site Launch

We just deployed the new website for, a Boulder-based firm that works with national companies to improve the reliability of their critical facilities.  CST’s projects include data centers, command and control centers, network operation centers, laboratories, medical centers, etc. We redesigned their logo and branding.  With that complete, we … more

New Website Design Contracts

We just signed a contract to implement the redesigns of & for the well-established recruiting and staffing company based here in Boulder, Colorado. In addition, we will be designing a new product line website ( for Front Range Precast Concrete, another Boulder-based company with 50 year old footprint … more

Silverback Imaging – Site Launch

After two months of design & development we finally deployed the new version of The new site features a public front-end website, a custom-skinned version of the CS Shopping cart, and a wordpress blog.  In addition, we developed a custom flash video player to showcase product demos and how-to … more

A New Decade Of Design

It will be interesting to see how design, particularly website design, evolves over the next ten years. Couple of hopes/requests/wishlist items: Get CMS systems to play nicely with custom databases & custom applications Figure out way of unifying user login/accounts across multiple website applications Clean URLs system for customs sites … more

Green Eagle – Site Launch

After several months of content-wrangling, we finally deployed, a brochure-style website designed to showcase “green” home development projects for the Boulder / Niwot based company. We will be expanding the site over the next couple months with new projects & properties.

Flatiron Window Fashions – Site Launch

We formally launched  for a Boulder-based company specializing in Windows & Blinds.  For this site, we implemented the Adobe InContext content management system to allow the client control over most content text across the site.  In addition, the site is AJAX-heavy, containing slideshows, collapsable panels and dataset-driven galleries built on the Adobe … more – Redesign Launch

We just launched the overhauled version of, featuring a custom front-end design by Malowany & Associates, and a wordpress driven back end.  Uniting these features allows the artist the ability to update and manage her own galleries without having to learn any HTML.

More Site Launches

Last month, we launched several new websites:, A Denver-based company who helps match businesses with tax professionals. In addition, we posted a starter site for:, A Broomfield-based company specializing in residential windows. In addition, we have moved several active projects into final beta testing stage, including: Website … more

Cyrium Brand & Website Redesign

We just signed a contract with Cyrium Technologies Inc., a Canadian tech company that is developing high-efficiency solar cells  using proprietary breakthrough technology.  Over the next two months, we will be redesigning their logo, branding and website. Here is a screenshot of their current website and logo:

Updating Drupal

Compared to WordPress’s automated self-updates, Drupal’s update process is something of a chore. This chore isn’t made any easier by Drupal’s documentation (also here), which at the time of writing takes up nine pages, is self-contradictory, unnecessarily time-consuming and somewhat paranoid. And it never offers a canonical pragmatic checklist. After … more

Town of Niwot, CO – Site Launch

We just lunched the redesign of, a cleaned-up and modernized site to showcase activities and businesses in and around the town of Niwot, Colorado. The site graphic layout was designed by Malowany Associates, and implemented by us.  The technology features AJAX, Jquery, PHP, and Spry Datasets to enable some animation, transparency tricks, … more

Battling Website Viruses

We  spent some time trying to remove a nasty bit of malware code from one of my client’s servers today.  On their windows server, this virus used javascript to create a list of invisible links (in an i-frame) to bugged websites in the page footer.  On their Unix/Linux accounts, the virus added … more

Marine Express Mini Branding Package

Just a quick update to show the new business card set we are working on for Marine Express, a sail and power carrier service based in Florida.  Since we are under a tight deadline with this project, we are keeping the design clean and simple. Here are the final card … more

Testing with Drupal 6.1

We received another inquiry this week regarding Drupal website maintenance — that was enough to get us motivated to learn the basics of the CMS system. We installed Drupal on our new testing site:, and we will be experimenting with the application over the next couple weeks. Feel free … more

New Design Archive Widget

This is just a quick update to discuss the new sidebar widget added to our design blog.  The widget loads a set of random designs we have created, many of them dating back to 2001.  These designs are not featured in our current portfolio set, but we think they are worth showing … more

Website Redesigns – As far as the eye can see

We have booked quite a few new website projects for the month of May. Starting off, we will be redesigning the website for Allen Scientific Glass, a Boulder-based, family-owned, scientific glass blowing business. Also, we will be working with Malowany Associates to redesign the website for the town of Niwot, … more

Susan Eriksson Website Overhaul

We are reworking / rebuilding the website for Susan Eriksson, a boulder-based materials artist.  The upgrade will have a new gallery features, streamlined CSS, and an updated PHP and template structure.  Should be a significant improvement in usability and back-end design when we are done.

Green Eagle Website Design

Making progress on the new website for Green Eagle Development.  We have finished the template, debugged the contact form, and placed the scratch content.  Once we have the final picture set and text updates, we will be ready to launch — hopefully by the end of the month.