What's included

  • Custom Visual Design

    We start the process with a research and discovery phase to learn all we can about your competition, audience, and goals. Based on this research, we can develop a clear sitemap (a.k.a. "content structure") and user flow (how a vistor gets from A to B). Building on this foundation, we'll create a cohesive visual design that supports your goals and speaks to your audience. The right solution might be to reinforce and modernize your existing brand, or it may mean moving in a completely new direction.

  • Custom Theming

    We don't use "stock" themes for our custom WordPress sites, since a stock theme would force us to retrofit your unique content into a generic design. Instead, we'll build your theme from the ground-up, based on all the research, planning, and custom design we've done up to this point. You'll walk away with a custom, highly-refined, and targeted marketing website, and be fully empowered to manage your content internally.

  • WordPress Development

    Remember what we talked about above? Well, if you've got a unique requirement like an Events Calendar or eCommerce component, we can plan, design, and build for that from the outset. WordPress is no longer just a blogging platform, and over 25% of all websites are running on it. So, challenge us! What unique development requirements can we solve for you?

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Featured Projects

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About WordPress

WordPress is an open source content management system software package. It might get a bit technical, but you can visit  WordPress.org to learn more about the platform. Or you can always contact DD9 with questions.