Boulder Ruby on Rails Development

We develop custom Ruby On Rails™ and L.A.M.P.(Linux, Apache, PHP & MySQL) web applications and websites. This page features some of our larger, custom applications built with these technologies.

In addition, we are experienced with the Kohana development platform and well-versed with AJAX, HTML5, jQuery and JavaScript.

Furthermore, we can bend the WordPress® content management system to handle many advanced, e-commerce, back-office integration, or custom database operations.

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Web App / Rails Development Techniques

Test-Driven Development / Testing Suites

DD9’s Ruby on Rails web applications are coded according to the principles of Test-Driven Development, using tools like RSpec and Capybara.  Under this methodology, a testing suite is programmed concurrently with the core application.  This testing suite is often similar in scope to the core application, but the extra initial work guarantees a much more stable and extendable final product.

Getting Started

Based on RFP correspondence and a thorough review of the project description and preliminary block diagram (if provided), we can devise a detailed proposal covering the design, implementation and maintenance of the your web application.

This packet will include a formal proposal for Phase I: Architecture & Design as well as a  Phase II: Technology & Implementation and Phase III: Maintenance, Tech Support, Expansion.

We can develop systems on the Rails platform using the Model-View-Controller paradigm using open source technologies.  We can enhance user interface and interactively with AJAX/Javascript.  Development and beta testing will take place on local dev environments and private dev servers.

After site launch, DD9 may be commissioned for site expansions and additional marketing projects.