Boulder Web 2.0 Design + Development Services

DD9 offers an array of professional, UX/UI design and web 2.0 development services, broadly categorized under website design.

Our process begins with design discovery and technology requirements meeting.  Once we hash through architecture and wireframes, we will design the master site templates. The templates establishes the visual theme of the site, including basic layout, navigation, color scheme, font styles & text formatting, logo placement, etc.

Once approved, the templates will be applied to the appropriate content management system (CMS) or back-end application. The CMS is then used to create your website’s content pages. The result is a custom, consistent, professional, and expandable website, built-to-suit.

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Website Design Techniques

DD9 Web design support services and feature lists:

Under the Hood

Coding for Search Engine Optimization (SEO), according modern HTML conventions, semantic markup, and with full client control over text and keywords.

W3C Guidelines

We develop sites according to the W3C guidelines.  However, we will break away from the guidelines in favor of cross-platform compatibility.  DD9 sites are coded using semantic markup.

Cross-Browser Testing

DD9 sites are tested across contemporary browsers, including; Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Internet Explorer (current version) on both Mac & PC systems.

Mobile Device Testing

DD9 will test mobile-optimized sites on the most popular mobile devices, currently; iPhone, Droid (or similar running on the Android platform), and iPad.

508 Standards  (Accessibility Standards)

We can code the sites for screen readers using modern, semantic markup, logical structure and screen reader internal page navigation tools.  We have experience with 508 standards and can easily follow additional accessibility guidelines.

Advanced DNS Configuration

Configuration of DNS records to reference multiple servers for different applications.  (i.e. DD9 Server for hosting, GoDaddy Servers for email & Google Servers for Calendar and Google Apps.)