Independent Mobile Sites

Unique Mobile templates featuring a smart phone compatible landing page template and content template for mobile web design, iPhone web design and Android web design.

Features include

  • Mobile-browser compatible mini-site maintainable via the WordPress (or other CMS) system
  • Sniffer script to redirect mobile browsers to (iPhone, blackberry, android) mini-site
  • Mobile-templates built to match mockups

Responsive Site Design

More recently, though, there has been a movement towards designing for “one web,” meaning that the content and design of a site need not vary so drastically from device to device. Responsive web design is the practice of devising a single design that is adaptable to its viewport, instead of creating multiple designs specific to every possible web-viewing device.

In other words, the designer creates one design whose structure varies depending on the screen, but whose primary design elements and content stay largely the same.

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