Boulder Logo + Brand Identity Design

Building a brand? Lets get it started with a top-notch logo design package.

For more than a decade, DD9 has been crafting precision logos and custom brand identity packages for businesses near and far.  Each project is unique, each package is unique, but the deliverables are standardized.

Each set will include the final logo design in EPS, AI, JPEG, PDF & PNG formats. These files are transferable to any graphic or web design firm. In addition, we will document the design and appropriate variations, font specifications, relative layout guidelines, color swatches and all visual identity rules for your collateral.

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Logo/Brand Design Techniques

For more information on our logo design packages, please reference logo design samples document.

Brand Design Package

Beginning with graphically simple or text based logo, ramping up to graphically intense, illustration-based icon integrated with organization name.  Design process includes : conceptual sketches, digital sketches, revisions based on feedback, final presentation and graphic deliverables.

Graphic Standards Manual

The completed style guide will establish the all visual identity rules for your corporate collateral.  All branding/design packages will include a basic standards document with swatches, typography and intended-use specs.