Brand Collateral Package Design

Our collateral package design services items help you to apply your brand identity to your organization’s documents and communication materials.

Typical collateral packages include business cards, stationery and envelopes featuring the company logo, tagline and colors. Packages are often extended to include promotional material such as brochures, sales sheets, etc.

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Brand Collateral Techniques

Specific Collateral Elements

Product Fact Sheets: Template + Per-Issue Rollout

Design of a full-color,1-2 page sheet within a  branded template in Adobe InDesign (Professional layout application). Fact Sheet Rollout price will depend on complexity and required revisions.

Business Card Template

Design and prep for press of business cards complete with employee specific information for up to 5 employees.

Microsoft Word Template

Design of company word document templates (.DOC, DOCX), including company logo, identity & contact info.

Graphical E-Mail Signature

Design and setup of HTML signatures with company logo for Microsoft Outlook. Up to 5 email accounts.

Stationery Template (Letterhead)

Design of company stationery & prep for press.

Envelope Template

Design of company envelopes & prep for press.

Corporate Template

Template for display of corporate data, such as Company Overview, Product Sheets, etc.

E-Newsletter Template

Custom, from-scratch HTML Template, or designed within e-newsletter client dashboard for optimum email client compatibility.

Microsoft PowerPoint Template

Design and setup of PowerPoint template with company identity.