About the design process, as pursued by DD9


A Simple Overview of Responsive Web Design

Many clients ask about creating a mobile version of their new website or website redesign. In the past, this process often involved creating two versions of the site and then using some “sniffer” code to redirect mobile users to the mobile-specific version. More recently, though, there has been a movement … more

My First Logo Design Comission

In 2000, while in my senior year of college, I somehow managed to secure my first paid commission. This is probably standard fare for graphic design students, but I was an Electrical Engineering major, and the concept was truly novel. You mean people would pay for something I was doing … more

WordPress Local Install Instructions

[Quick guide written for internal DD9 use, published for the good of mankind.] This is a rough guide, since I don’t have a specific project to test it on. When we get there, I’d like to test it out myself to improve this document. That said… 1)  Download and Install … more

What Photography has Taught Me About Design

I started my graphic and web design career by way of photography. I shot for my own clients, worked as a studio coordinator for photographers I respected, and assisted on as many gigs as possible, everything from small editorial shoots to national advertising campaigns. Here are the three most important … more

Precision Truck Graphic

We just wrapped up the photo shoot for the new precision van graphic. We are now  done with the project, and awaiting the final product from the printers. concept sketches mock-ups photography layout design prep for press We worked with DotFotDot photography to get this shot, and sent the files to … more

A brief list of major web design obstacles facing today’s designers

There are no great solutions to any of these problems/limitations yet, just a series of hacks and work arounds … CSS issues Multi-column layouts in CSS Vertically-centered content in CSS Active Links tag Cross-browser compatibility issues Rounded corners Embedded fonts Rotated text PNG image files CSS Vertical Collapsing Margins Table … more

And a brief(er) list of uber helpful tools

From Adobe Dreamweaver CS4 – awesome package InContext CMS – great way to upgrade static sites to allow for basics client CMS Spry Datasets – fast way to create a mini-database.  tragically, not readable by search engines Flash FLV player – quickly stream most media From others WordPress – fast, simple, powerful … more

CSS vs. Table Layouts – A hybrid solution

As most web designers know, there is a debate raging over the use of HTML Tables (ie. table, tr, td, etc.) in the construction of web page layouts. The main issue is that CSS offers no simple (and supported) solution for the creation of basic, vertically flexible, columns. In fact, … more