DD9 design philosophies and techniques


My First Logo Design Comission

In 2000, while in my senior year of college, I somehow managed to secure my first paid commission. This is probably standard fare for graphic design students, but I was an Electrical Engineering major, and the concept was truly novel. You mean people would pay for something I was doing … more

What makes a great logo design?

What started off as a grand thesis, though apathy and time constraints, became a nice little list of concepts and standards to evaluate a the quality, caliber and effectiveness of a logo design. Logo Design Considerations Visual Balance Make and break the grid A Hook Optical illusion, Visual trick Graphic … more

What Photography has Taught Me About Design

I started my graphic and web design career by way of photography. I shot for my own clients, worked as a studio coordinator for photographers I respected, and assisted on as many gigs as possible, everything from small editorial shoots to national advertising campaigns. Here are the three most important … more

A New Decade Of Design

It will be interesting to see how design, particularly website design, evolves over the next ten years. Couple of hopes/requests/wishlist items: Get CMS systems to play nicely with custom databases & custom applications Figure out way of unifying user login/accounts across multiple website applications Clean URLs system for customs sites … more

CSS vs. Table Layouts – A hybrid solution

As most web designers know, there is a debate raging over the use of HTML Tables (ie. table, tr, td, etc.) in the construction of web page layouts. The main issue is that CSS offers no simple (and supported) solution for the creation of basic, vertically flexible, columns. In fact, … more